Staffing Growth to meet the need

Some of the team at the recent board lunch in the garden of Maluk Timor Headquarters One year ago, Maluk Timor launched with 2 ½ programs and 17 staff, low on resources but with high hopes. Twelve months on we find that we’ve flourished, growing into 9 programs with 50 staff. It’s been quite a […]

Triage Triumph – Go the NURSES

Triage Triumph Most of us take it for granted that when we arrive at an Emergency Department we will be interviewed by a nurse who makes an assessment of how urgent our condition might be. This is known as triage: determining which patients need to be seen in what order. The government health centres in […]

Respect and hope – the HIV story

In the 1980’s HIV/AIDS was considered a death sentence. It was an horrific epidemic that destroyed people from the inside out, devastating their immune system and leaving them vulnerable to diseases of every kind. People living with HIV endured terrible stigma, even from family and friends, and mostly ended their lives in misery. This is […]