Following on from the newsletter… In a recent report published by laser eye survey company Focus Clinic (see reference below), Timor-Leste appeared at the bottom of all countries in the world when it comes to public health spending. Recently we also discovered a staggering fact that the government health funding per person in Australia (over $7,400) is well over 100 times more than Timor-Leste (around AUD$60). While this comparison may make you feel frustrated like us, I also want to tell you that it also shows what an important opportunity we have to make a difference together in a country that is a very close neighbour. Our wonderful team of Aussies, locals and international volunteers and experts also see the opportunities we can take each day to make a big difference. As distressing as $60 per person per annum might be, I can also tell you it means that we can take the financial support you give us and stretch it a long way to deliver a big impact. The Focus Clinic report can be found here. Reference information about health spending in Australia can be found here and here.