This is a big year for Maluk Timor, and we have just launched our first app called HAROMAN meaning ‘Enlightened’ in Tetum, the most widely used Timorese language.

The App provides micro-learning teaching modules, quick reference tools, and access to national guidelines, all of it delivered in both English and Tetun.

The training will focus on infection prevention and control (IPC), recognition, and management and the project aims to develop and deliver a package of critical training to more than 300 primary health care practitioners (HCPs) across the country.

Given Timor’s lack of access to public health information, smartphone applications have quickly proven an excellent tool for capacity building in healthcare.  Several organizations have created applications to cover various branches of healthcare – including the WHO, which recently launched a smartphone app about  COVID-19.

The HAROMAN app is an integral part of Maluk Timor’s ASTEROID project. Funded by DFAT in cooperation with ‘Catalpa International’.

The Asteroid project was Initially going to launch in 2021 but app launched months ahead of schedule to help combat COVID-19.

The ASTEROID team aims to use this newly proven model to quickly get out targeted information to HPCs. As most Timorese HPCs (primary health workers) do have some form of ‘cellular access’, they should be able to learn with the app as soon as they are provided accounts and log-in instructions.

The team has been working really well in this project,” said Mariano Pereiera, ASTEROID’s project manager.  He hopes the app will give HPCs more information and ideas about IPC and help them provide accurate diagnostics.

Since Maluk Timor has done a lot of previous work focusing on IPC, the addition of the ASTEROID project will augment training already performed by Maluk’s other programs c (such as TB, RHD, COVID-19, and HIV).  Since the Asteroid teaching content will combine videos (audio) & visual learning, the team anticipates that HCPs will find it easy and enjoyable to use, and will encourage their colleagues to sign up in turn.

The app features several topics that the user can choose from. It also offers quizzes – users with the most correct answers will get a certificate.

One year after obtaining a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Health Maluk Timor is continuing to work closely with them to build capacity among healthcare workers in Timor.

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