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Our international members of the Maluk Timor team – 17 strong

In a very challenging year, our dedicated international members of the Maluk Timor team have continued serve above and beyond.

Back row: Dr Natarajan Rajaraman (Sing), Dr Mandy Wu (Aus), Amrutha Gopalakrishnan (Ind), Dr Catharine Verity (UK), Dr Amy Samson (UK), Dr Nikee Msuo (Aus), Nathalie Gramer (Ger), Jess Harries (Aus), Dr Sanjay Mathew (Ind), Dr Roisin Sweeney (Ire)

Front row: Dr Lois Hong (Sing), Dr Xavier Quah (Aus), Dr Jeremy Beckett (Aus), Victoria Rollinson (UK), Dr Lewis Walker (Aus), Dr Bethany Nelson (Aus), Cristina Ribas (Spa).

Make sure you have Zoom installed on your device before the meeting … and if you don’t have it you can download the appropriate file for your device from here.

Our Zoom capacity allows for up to 100 participants so we apologise in advance if our webinar turns out to be too popular – but you can still listen to the recording later.

We look forward to having you join us.

Julie Hamblin

Maluk Timor Australia

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