Good-bye & Hello to our Board Chair’s

GOODBYE… In December we said goodbye to our very capable, philanthropic, energetic and much loved Chairman of the board Ross Taylor. Ross’s rock-solid leadership kept us centred and calm through a number of challenges, that many of you have shared with us on this journey, and that have forged us into the Maluk Timor family. […]

Farewell to Christine Carberry – founding board member

Dear friends and family of Christine, This message is on behalf of everyone involved with the NGO Maluk Timor based in Timor-Leste and the author is Dr Chris Fenton who is the CEO. My name is Chris Fenton and I have been involved with Timor – Leste since April 2006 and met Christine for the […]

Welcoming 2018 with Maluk Timor

We welcome 2018 by sharing with you some of the recent activities Maluk Timor has done. Continue supporting us so we can continue our service to the Timorese.

A message from Dr. Chris Fenton

Read our CEO’s message addressing the recent improvements in Maluk Timor’s work and how we can strive to do even better.