HIV program – How you could help

The HIV team has achieved genuinely astonishing results in very tough circumstances. 80 patients newly diagnosed with HIV commenced on life-saving treatment. A 97% retention rate achieved for treatment in a patient group of 180. At 3%, our mortality rate is substantially lower than that expected for people with HIV. The team has delivered the […]

Nutrition Program – 2021 & beyond – How you could help

Nutrition Program – 2021 and beyond An important program still in its early development stages. A major opportunity to address very significant needs of vulnerable Timorese people. Timor-Leste is the most undernourished country in Asia and was recently listed as the second ‘hungriest’ nation in the world on the Global Hunger Index. The key problems […]

Diverse challenges require diverse programs

From newsletter….. In addition to using the donations you give to meet the immediate needs of the patients right in front of us each day, we also use some of your support to train, employ and equip local Timorese people to develop long term sustainable health services and programs that promote prevention and wellbeing. This […]