The suffering is just below the surface and so is the virus

Here in Dili we have been spared further heavy rains. The flood water has receded and acute crisis with it. As always after disasters like this, most of the real work done to relieve suffering is borne by the community. Since the floods, Timorese families, friends, and neighbours have been helping each other return home […]

Caught up and Cut off

Imagine that you took the leap to relocate your family from a life of subsistence farming on the hillsides of rural Timor-Leste to the nation’s capital, Dili, in pursuit of better opportunities for your children. Education, employment and access to key services are all part of the attraction. Unable to find affordable accommodation in town, […]

We have sunny days but Covid is a looming threat

“It’s not that bad, others are much worse.” All week we’ve been reaching out to our staff and mostly hearing reassurances that their houses are not too badly affected. Imagine our surprise when one of their friends then sends us a photo of the scene out of concern for their welfare: knee-high water levels, submerged […]

Cleaning up and working out what needs doing first !

7/4/2021 Work continues as the Maluk team helps with the recovery from the devastating Easter Sunday floods in Dili. Our team members have been out helping distribute goods in their communities and clean up the Maloa HIV facility, which was damaged in the storm. We’ve been cleaning up medication bottles, so crucial to the essential […]

Flood update from CEO Dr Raj

Hello everyone, You’re maybe aware of the extensive flooding in Dili and other parts of Timor. The impact so far has been 21 deaths, and greater than 2000 households impacted. There are several thousand in emergency evacuation centres in Dili. Conditions at the evacuation centres are crowded, but the government and other partners have started […]