Dr Lois, Barrack Obama and The Daily Show!

We couldn’t be prouder of our Dr Lois who has been featured on The Daily Show with former president Barrack Obama and daily show host Trevor Noah! The future leaders worked together to understand how they can learn from each other to enable improved education, health, and economic opportunity in underserved communities. With Dr Lois […]

To be a doctor is my crush, but I am dating statistics… ASTEROID Stats Man

There is so many amazing people working at Maluk Timor – each with their own stories to tell.  Antonito Cabral is no exception – a journey that took him into applied statistics and now the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer for the ASTEROID programme.   Every day we are flooded with information in everything we […]

Tales of Dr Hip and his trusty security guard

I stumbled across Dr Hip at Maluk Timor when Maun Aga asked me to take a photo of Dr Hip collecting his rural doctor’s bag. These high-quality kits contain sturdy, essential equipment heavily subsidized by generous donors with a heart for Rural GPs. Everyone I am meeting have great stories to tell, so I asked […]

Hypertension & diabetes needs understanding and treating

Maluk Timor is proud to have worked collaboratively with local healthcare workers (PSF, Nurses, and Doctors) from Atauro to conduct a two-day Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus screening event for a community of 318 people. Hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus contribute to mortality in Timor-Leste, with high rates in both urban areas and rural areas like suco […]

Australian Volunteers International (AVI’s) doing good

The below story appeared on the Australian Embassy’s facebook page about ‘OUR JESS’ – one of the marvellous Australians currently working as an AVI….link About Jess Harries…. Australia in Timor-Leste Health NGO Maluk Timor has played an important role in Timor-Leste’s successful response to COVID-19. Recently we introduced you to Dr Jeremy Beckett, the CEO […]

Reflections from quarantine after 2 years teaching Doctors in Dili

Greetings from Darwin, where the 2 weeks of quarantine has afforded the opportunity to reflect on 22 months in Timor L’este. One of the unexpected bonuses of working overseas, is the opportunity to intersect with some exceptional people – creative, innovative, resilient and persistent people, who won’t ever receive the accolades of peace prizes, or […]

Fast education via the phone…. the ‘Asteroid program’

How do you reach health care professionals that are scattered throughout Timor Leste and provide them with up-to-date and easily accessible information to assist decision making and improve clinical care? You find a partner, Catalpa International, who will work with you to deliver the information via the phone. With more than 90% (and climbing) of […]

An unsung remarkable woman – Dr Bethany Beckett

Jack of all Trades: A Conversation with Dr. Bethany No two days look alike for Dr. Bethany Beckett. As Maluk Timor’s Director of Medical Education and mentor of the Women’s Health Social Care team, Dr. Bethany already has a more-than-full time job. Even so, she wears far more than those two hats. She arrives to […]

Motivated by gratitude to our neighbours and family – The Ribot’ legacy for Timor

Behind every Maluk Timor programme are some amazing supporters. Mike and Kate Ribot are one example. Motivated by a commitment to the Timorese people and empathy for tuberculosis sufferers, their family has generously donated a training scholarship that has enabled Maluk Timor to hire a Timorese doctor, Dra Josefina, to our Tuberculosis (TB) team for […]

Dr Ella brings healthcare to rural Timor-Leste outpost

Dr Anferida Monteiro Fernandes, or “Dr Ella” as she is known, works in a remote health post in the subdistrict of Los Palos at the far eastern end of Timor-Leste. “I am the only doctor at my health post… from Dili by bus it’s about 8 hours.” Having grown up in Los Palos, Dr Ella […]

From country Victoria to Timor-Leste: doctors share their story

In 2018, Drs Lindsay and Dianne Sherriff farewelled their home and country practice of 25 years in Kerang, Victoria and set out on a new chapter in Timor-Leste. For Dianne this was the fulfilment of a lifelong dream that began with a visit to Timor-Leste as a school girl. She and her husband Lindsay had […]

Training Timor’s future medical leaders

Current family medical practitioners in training

Timor-Leste remains in the grip of diseases of poverty such as tuberculosis, rheumatic heart disease and malnutrition. Since 2002, the number of doctors has increased from just 26 up to almost 1000. But this surge of Cuban-trained graduates has created a huge need for further training and clinical supervision. Additionally, the resourcing and health systems […]

Diverse challenges require diverse programs

From newsletter….. In addition to using the donations you give to meet the immediate needs of the patients right in front of us each day, we also use some of your support to train, employ and equip local Timorese people to develop long term sustainable health services and programs that promote prevention and wellbeing. This […]

Voluntary Board member Dr Josh presenting – BE INSPIRED

Dr Josh presenting at DFTB conference………….. Don’t Forget The Bubbles was conceived as a way of sharing our collective knowledge. What started out as four enthusiastic players (Tessa, Ben, Henry and Andy) has grown so much bigger. With over 70 authors and more than 600 blog posts many people might wonder just where to start. […]