Evandro Cesar Fernandes Malkias

ASTEROID Field Coordinator
I hope I can use my passion and skill as the Field Coordinator to help in improving health facilities…

Lucas Obe

Deputy Project Manager - ASTEROID
I am working with Maluk Timor to help strengthen health services to help prevent and mitigate infections and other diseases so that everyone can have a healthy life.

Felismino dos Santos Soares

ASTEROID Project Officer
I hope one day, all Timorese citizens will have access to an excellent quality of health service in which we are handled appropriately and with dignity.

Manuel Natercio Noronha

ASTEROID Medical Educator
What excites me about working for a better healthcare system is seeing community based healthcare workers keep going even though they have limited equipment to do their work.

Antonito Hornay Cabral

I am passionate about working for health system in Timor-Leste so I use everything I have to help my people, my community, my country.

Maria (Zytha) Filomena de Sousa

ASTEROID Video Production Officer
I believe that in order to contribute to the development of our country, it is especially important to have a strong understanding and skills in Information and Communication and Technology.