Sanduni Perera

Jayasooriya Arachchige Sanduni Tharuka Perera (Soni)

Head of Finance and Operations
I currently lead the Finance and Operations team at Maluk Timor. I strive to ensure that the NGO’s resources are utilized efficiently and effectively. My dedication to promoting sustainable development and improving healthcare outcomes in Timor-Leste is strong.

Elda Soares Claver

Chief Financial Officer
My job is challenging but I know I am contributing a little in helping to strengthen our Health System in Timor-Leste.
Dulcia Filomena Marçal Pereira

Dulcia Filomena Marcal Pierera

Finance Assistant
I am really proud to work with the Finance Team.
Maun Tomas

Tomas Fernandes Nunes

Finance Manager
Working at MT from the beginning which was a good challenge as we had to start everything from scratch!