Sidónia Lucinda Ximenes

Rheumatic Heart Disease Nurse
I am really motivated to assist Timorese people affected by RHD by delivering education, prevention and treatment programs.

Octavia do Rosario Gusmão dos Santos

TB Healthcare Worker
I am hoping that I could contribute more for the improvement of the healthcare system in Timor.

Karl Nelson Marquez

Communications Mentor (Remote)
Being an HIV and COVID mentor has unlocked the gates for me to explore strengthening health system responses to infectious diseases.

Fatima Hendrica Kali

Midwife - WHSC
I am proud of my team for supporting each other and helping the community, especially vulnerable people being able to access beneficial knowledge.

Guerson Lopes Amaral

Nurse Training and COVID-19 Team Leader
I am happy to be working as an educator in Timor-Leste for supporting health professional trainings in all Healthcare Centres in Dili and other municipalities.

Cecilia dos Reis Boli Masan

COVID Nurse Educator
Working in Maluk Timor I have been able to develop my skills in creating reports and enhance my knowledge and skills with nursing competencies.

Efigenia Pereira dos Santos

Dental Nurse
Do you know there only seven government dentists in all of Timor-Leste! I’m sad that Oral Health is not a priority in my country – I hope that one day soon this recognition will come.

Juliana dos Santos Sarmento

Rheumatic Heart Disease Team Leader
I love that we empower the healthcare workers and support Timor-Leste Health Sector

Sergio Xavier da Silva

RHD Program Nurse
I am very proud that we are educating nurses and healthcare workers throughout my country about RHD.

Januario (Anary) Dos Santos Da Silva

Rheumatic Heart Disease Healthcare Worker
I feel very proud that I can support my fellow friends that suffer from RHD to obtain the treatment.

Karolina Surya Embun

HIV Nurse
Caring for people living with HIV and respecting the need for confidentiality.