Fatima Hendrica Kali

Midwife - WHSC
I am proud of my team for supporting each other and helping the community, especially vulnerable people being able to access beneficial knowledge.

Guerson Lopes Amaral

COVID Nurse Educator
I am happy to be working as an educator in Timor-Leste for supporting health professional trainings in all Healthcare Centres in Dili and other municipalities.

Dinis das Neves Soares de Sousa

Nurse Educator - COVID Team
I am very proud of my team in which we support each other in achieving our goals.

Juliana dos Santos Sarmento

Rheumatic Heart Disease Nurse
I love that we empower the healthcare workers and support Timor-Leste Health Sector

Januario (Anary) Dos Santos Da Silva

Rheumatic Heart Disease Healthcare Worker
I feel very proud that I can support my fellow friends that suffer from RHD to obtain the treatment.

Karolina Surya Embun

HIV Nurse
Caring for people living with HIV and respecting the need for confidentiality.