Octoviano Nono

TB Junior Healthcare Worker (Oeccusse)
TB Junior Healthcare Worker (Oeccusse)

Leão Martins Fernandes de Carvalho

Communications Officer
I hope that in the future all Timorese people can have access to a better and excellent quality of healthcare in which they feel safe and can rely on.
Boni HIV

Bonifácio da Silva de Jesus

HIV Doctor
Our vision is to make the patients understand that there is always hope to live a normal life.

Fatima Hendrica Kali

Midwife - WHSC
I am proud of my team for supporting each other and helping the community, especially vulnerable people being able to access beneficial knowledge.

Tarcisia Rosa B da Silva

Medical Educator - ASTEROID
As a doctor, I’m extremely excited to support my colleges to increase their knowledge and abilities and enhance the Health System’s quality by conducting training and capacity building on infectious diseases.
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Bonifacio da C. Barreto

TB Programme Manager
Young people in my country want to contribute to the development of Timor-Leste, and one way is by improving our healthcare system.

Felismino dos Santos Soares

ASTEROID Project Officer
I hope one day, all Timorese citizens will have access to an excellent quality of health service in which we are handled appropriately and with dignity.

Guerson Lopes Amaral

COVID Nurse Educator
I am happy to be working as an educator in Timor-Leste for supporting health professional trainings in all Healthcare Centres in Dili and other municipalities.

Viny Micella Valente

Chief Financial Officer
It always brings us pride when we’re able to use our financial management and other skills to contribute to the successful delivery of our projects.

Dinis das Neves Soares de Sousa

Nurse Educator - COVID Team
I am very proud of my team in which we support each other in achieving our goals.

Juliana dos Santos Sarmento

Rheumatic Heart Disease Nurse
I love that we empower the healthcare workers and support Timor-Leste Health Sector

Novirial (Ano) Pinto

HIV Counselor and Phlebotomist
I am very proud to be working with the HIV Program because I can take care of people living with HIV.

Rofina I. G. dos Santos

TB Household Tracing Coordinator (Dili)
TB Household Tracing Coordinator (Dili)

Januario (Anary) Dos Santos Da Silva

Rheumatic Heart Disease Healthcare Worker
I feel very proud that I can support my fellow friends that suffer from RHD to obtain the treatment.

Nuncia Soares Xavier

WHSC Hakbi'it Familia Coordinator
Women’s Health and Social Care Hakbi’it Familia Coordinator

Karolina Surya Embun

HIV Nurse
Caring for people living with HIV and respecting the need for confidentiality.

Dulcia Filomena Marcal Pierera

I am really proud to work with the Finance Team!
I am really proud to work with the Finance Team.

Tomas Fernandes Nunes

Finance Manager
Working at MT from the beginning which was a good challenge as we had to start everything from scratch!

Bendita Ximenes Pereira

Women's Health and Social Care Program Support Officer
Women’s Health and Social Care Program Support Officer

Manuel Natercio Noronha

ASTEROID Medical Educator
What excites me about working for a better healthcare system is seeing community based healthcare workers keep going even though they have limited equipment to do their work.

Madalena Filipe Gonçalves Dau Butar

HIV Nurse and Program Team Leader
I can help many people who need me.

Amrutha Gopalakrishnan

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Manager
Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Manager

Antonito Hornay Cabral

I am passionate about working for health system in Timor-Leste so I use everything I have to help my people, my community, my country.

Maria (Zytha) Filomena de Sousa

ASTEROID Video Production Officer
I believe that in order to contribute to the development of our country, it is especially important to have a strong understanding and skills in Information and Communication and Technology.

Nichola (Nicky) Hungerford

Communications Manager
Communications is all about listening…. family, friends, colleagues and community