Silabhakta Livirya

TB and HIV Mentor
I am motivated by seeing a world where your health and ability to strive is not dictated by where you were born.

Evandro Cesar Fernandes Malkias

ASTEROID Field Coordinator
I hope I can use my passion and skill as the Field Coordinator to help in improving health facilities…

Elda Soares Claver

Deputy Chief Financial Officer
My job is challenging but I know I am contributing a little in helping to strengthen our Health System in Timor-Leste.

Zelia Gusmão da Costa

Junior Healthcare Worker (TB)
I feel that my communication and approach has become more effective and safe when attending TB patients.

Olegário Pedro da Silva Alves

IT Officer
I especially love that we are fighting preventable diseases, as well as building on the capacity of medical professional by providing training, technology, materials and mentorship in order to advance a quality healthcare in Timor-Leste.

Octavia do Rosario Gusmão dos Santos

TB Healthcare Worker
I am hoping that I could contribute more for the improvement of the healthcare system in Timor.

Leopoldina (Dina) Maria Joana Freitas

TB Healthcare Worker
I’m so proud and happy that I can contribute and create change for TB patients.

Belmerio Jeronimo

TB Programme Manager
At MT I have the opportunity for more challenges, more opportunities to learn new things!

Ananias Tilman dos Reis

Programme Coordinator (WHSC)
As a Timorese youth, I wanted to contribute to the development of our country such as helping people who live in the remote areas that have difficulties to access to Health services.

Zelia Lopes Bria Panzo

WHSC Program Support Officer
I love that my work can help by improving the health of women and children in my country.

Missella Juliana Soares

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Officer
Helping to improve a project and organisational performance through Monitoring and Evaluation.

Octaviano Nono

TB Junior Healthcare Worker (Oecusse)
I’m honoured to work with our program because we share our knowledge to the community, so that they can understand more about TB.

Lucas Obe

Deputy Project Manager - ASTEROID
I am working with Maluk Timor to help strengthen health services to help prevent and mitigate infections and other diseases so that everyone can have a healthy life.

Leão Martins Fernandes de Carvalho

Communications Officer
I hope that in the future all Timorese people can have access to a better and excellent quality of healthcare in which they feel safe and can rely on.
Boni HIV

Bonifácio da Silva de Jesus

HIV Doctor
Our vision is to make the patients understand that there is always hope to live a normal life.

Fatima Hendrica Kali

Midwife - WHSC
I am proud of my team for supporting each other and helping the community, especially vulnerable people being able to access beneficial knowledge.

Felismino dos Santos Soares

ASTEROID Project Officer
I hope one day, all Timorese citizens will have access to an excellent quality of health service in which we are handled appropriately and with dignity.

Guerson Lopes Amaral

Nurse Training and COVID-19 Team Leader
I am happy to be working as an educator in Timor-Leste for supporting health professional trainings in all Healthcare Centres in Dili and other municipalities.

Cecilia dos Reis Boli Masan

COVID Nurse Educator
Working in Maluk Timor I have been able to develop my skills in creating reports and enhance my knowledge and skills with nursing competencies.

Efigenia Pereira dos Santos

Dental Nurse
Do you know there only seven government dentists in all of Timor-Leste! I’m sad that Oral Health is not a priority in my country – I hope that one day soon this recognition will come.

Juliana dos Santos Sarmento

Rheumatic Heart Disease Team Leader
I love that we empower the healthcare workers and support Timor-Leste Health Sector

Sergio Xavier da Silva

RHD Program Nurse
I am very proud that we are educating nurses and healthcare workers throughout my country about RHD.
Dr Joaquina

Joaquina de Sousa Maurays

RHD Doctor
I am proud of our excellent teamwork; we respect each other, support each other and share ideas together.

Novirial (Ano) Pinto

HIV Counselor and Phlebotomist
I am very proud to be working with the HIV Program because I can take care of people living with HIV.

Januario (Anary) Dos Santos Da Silva

Rheumatic Heart Disease Healthcare Worker
I feel very proud that I can support my fellow friends that suffer from RHD to obtain the treatment.

Karolina Surya Embun

HIV Nurse
Caring for people living with HIV and respecting the need for confidentiality.

Dulcia Filomena Marcal Pierera

Finance Assistant
I am really proud to work with the Finance Team.

Tomas Fernandes Nunes

Finance Manager
Working at MT from the beginning which was a good challenge as we had to start everything from scratch!

Maria Lucia da Silva

Women's Health and Social Care Program Manager
Strengthening the community through sharing health information

Manuel Natercio Noronha

ASTEROID Medical Educator
What excites me about working for a better healthcare system is seeing community based healthcare workers keep going even though they have limited equipment to do their work.

Lelinha de Castro Tilman

Human Resources Manager
I’m delighted to engage with Maluk’s health programs and work closely with both healthcare workers and international volunteers.

Antonito Hornay Cabral

I am passionate about working for health system in Timor-Leste so I use everything I have to help my people, my community, my country.

Maria (Zytha) Filomena de Sousa

ASTEROID Video Production Officer
I believe that in order to contribute to the development of our country, it is especially important to have a strong understanding and skills in Information and Communication and Technology.

Elesito Guterres Belo

It is a great honor to work in Maluk Timor to bring improvement to the healthcare system in Timor-Leste.

Dr Lois Hong

Clinical Director
I believe that everyone should have access to competent, compassionate healthcare.