Amrutha Gopalakrishnan

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Manager

What are you most proud of in your programme/team? Working across programs: Team’s data curiosity and willingness to learn more efficient ways of working. What is the most challenging part about working at MT/in healthcare systems strengthening? Measuring behaviour changes among health professionals who are constantly facing contextual constraints. What have you learned/discovered about yourself after working in MT? Perseverance – it’s never too late to start from scratch! Personally as an international staff, no program/task I do is as important as ensuring that it is going to be sustainable. What excites you about working for a better healthcare system? There is immense opportunity in using data for better health system functioning in Timor. Being able to make health sector successes more tangible/measurable excites me to go further. What surprised you about MT when you first started working here? Organization culture – my colleagues became my in-country family What made you decide to join MT? MT’s focus on sustainability and working alongside government institutions. From my experience in other countries, this is one which is extremely challenging to operationalise given development aid sector runs on projects which only sustain until their funding. MT envisions beyond and functions on the core value of supporting and integrating project within local institutions, with them retaining/taking over responsibilities at the end of projects.