Januario (Anary) Dos Santos Da Silva

Rheumatic Heart Disease Healthcare Worker

I work for Maluk Timor’s Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) program, and I feel very proud that I can support my fellow friends that suffer from RHD to obtain the treatment. I love our team as we work really well together and everyone is always flexible. I enjoy my job, as I can share my experience as well as get new experiences from different people. What really surprised me when I first came to work Maluk Timor (MT) was that even doctors are willing to share their knowledge with us, particularly in health sector. I am really lucky that my family are delighted with my job at MT and they always support me. It has been great to witness the changes in since I started here, as they have significantly developed in resources and the environment. The focus of MT is really fundamental to me as enhancing the quality of our healthcare system and supporting our government in health sector is important for our country.