Antonito Hornay Cabral


I started studying Statistics at STIS in Jakarta, Indonesia and then moved to East Java, University of Surabaya to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Applied Statistics, Faculty of Science and Technology in 2017 and graduated in 2020. At University, I was engaged in many activities like the Committee for the Annual Family Statistics Competition; Statistics Training for lecturers and students; and as a Tutor for Machine Learning. I was given the opportunity to do my internship as a Data Analyst in Perusahan Listrik Negara (PLN) Surabaya. I worked on the project of the Community Satisfaction Index Towards PLN Service, as well as monitoring the electricity subsidy for modest households. I became a Statistic Laboratory Assistant and actively wrote journals that I presented in national and international seminars. I have always been interested in Machine Learning and Business Analytics particularly in the predictive modelling area; as well as Regression Analysis, Spatial Analysis, Econometric, Financial Analysis, Data Visualization, and Exploratory Data Analysis. Currently I am working at Maluk Timor as the M&E Officer with the ASTEROID team. There are many things I am proud about working with ASTEROID as we work very well as a team, with good communications, and a great work environment. For me ASTEROID is not just a team, but we are family. I can share everything, and anything, and we have a lot of fun together. I have learnt a lot about myself since joining MT – I am really motivated to learn new things; how to communicate and collaborate with a team, how to manage my time properly; and how to look at things from another perspective. My Hobbies are travelling, reading, playing football and listening to music.