Bernardo Pinto

ASTEROID Medical Educator

My name is Bernardo Pinto and I grew up in the District of Viqueque. After school, I moved to the capital Dili, to pursue my dream to study at the Universidade National Timor-Lorosa’e (UNTL). Unfortunately, I wasn’t accepted, so together with my friends we sold goods at the local market so we could survive. I also worked as a security guard and undertook an English Language course. In 2005, I the general medicine exam at UNTL so I could become a Doctor. I was accepted, and with 130 other students, we flew to Cuba to and started studying Medicine in 2006 in Havana as part of the Cuban Medicine course with UNTIL. I graduated in 2012. I started working at the Ministry of Health at Ulusu Health Post and then Vesoru Health Post in my home district of Viqueque. I then applied to join the Family Medicine Program in 2016 at the National Hospital (HNGV) and supported by MT, and finished in 2017. I then continued my post-graduation study in Gynaecology and Obstetrics and graduated in 2019. I became the Acting Consultant in the Maternity at the National Hospital and then worked in Baucau Referral Hospital in the Maternity Department. I am currently working at MT as a Medical Educator in ASTEROID program to deliver the TIKMI package for the Healthcare workers to all CHC across the country. I love working with the ASTEROID Team, as we are extremely solid and have desire to work as team to achieve our goals and objective that we have set. As a doctor, I’m very excited that I can help empower the healthcare system. Being part of the younger generation, we can support and give a positive contribution for our country and help Timorese people. My family are really proud of me especially because of the opportunities I have which they never did.