Bonifacio da C. Barreto

TB Programme Manager

What have you learned/discovered about yourself after working in MT? I have worked at Maluk Timor since July 2020. With the trust that Maluk Timor has given me to handle the TB project, I have learned how to manage a large team with many different personalities. I have also learned to be more accountable; I discovered that my leadership, time management, and decision-making skills have improved drastically. Besides that it has also helped me a lot in establishing a network of good relationships with various partners and stakeholders. What excites you about working for a better healthcare system? Young people in this country want to contribute to the development of Timor-Leste, and one of the ways to contribute is by improving the healthcare system in Timor-Leste. Along with the education and agriculture sectors, the health sector is a crucial pillar that needs to be improved in Timor–Leste.