Elesito Guterres Belo

COVID-19 Programme Manager

Working in Maluk Timor, I believe that there is substantial growth and improvement for my personal development which is contributed by my management and leadership experiences with the COVID-19 program. One of the challenges that we face is the need to adapt to the constant changes of realities of the COVID pandemic. It is a great honor to work in Maluk Timor to bring improvement to the healthcare system in Timor-Leste. What surprised you about MT when you first started working here? Since starting work at Maluk Timor, I have gotten to know many young professionals like doctors, nurses, and leaders who have the responsibility to create a trust-filled and happy environment for everyone. Maluk Timor allows us to, as young leaders, oversee our programs with the support of many professional people from different countries. What do your loved ones think about your job at MT? My family is so pleased because Maluk Timor is an opportunity for me to learn and grow in my professional career.