Dr Jeremy Beckett (Past CEO Maluk Timor)

Chair, Medical Advisory Committee

Dr Jeremy Beckett currently works as Medical Director of the Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service in Western Australia. Prior to this he spent five years living in Timor-Leste with his wife Bethany and their four children, including a role as Maluk Timor’s first CEO from 2017-2021. Jeremy is the current Chair of Maluk Timor’s Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) and also sits on the Board of Associação Maluk Timor. He serves as the Program Director for Maluk Timor’s ASTEROID Project, an infectious diseases training program funded by the Australian Government. Jeremy and the Beckett family retain a strong connection to Timor-Leste following their life-changing experiences there, chronicled in a blog called Timor Seesaw (www.timorseesaw.wordpress.com).