Dr Jeremy Beckett (Past CEO Maluk Timor)

Chair, Medical Advisory Committee

Dr Jeremy Beckett is the past Chief Executive Officer of Associação Maluk Timor, based in Timor-Leste. Prior to moving to Timor-Leste he worked in General Practice, Anaesthetics and Emergency Medicine in Geraldton, Western Australia. Upon arriving in Dili in May of 2016, with his wife Bethany and four children, he assumed the role of Medical Director of Bairo Pite Clinic which transitioned into his current role as CEO with Maluk Timor in September of 2017. Jeremy is also the designer and Program Director of the ASTEROID Project, which will deliver a national training package in infectious diseases, funded by the Australian Government. 2021 Jeremy returned to Australia and has recently commenced as the Medical Director at Geraldton Regional Aboriginal Medical Service. Jeremy is an Australian-trained GP (FRACGP) who has become an inspirational leader and visionary thinker in health and development. He is returning to Australia after five years in Timor-Leste where he worked at the helm of an NGO named Maluk Timor. His strongest attributes are in strategic planning, problem solving and innovation, and these are underpinned by exceptional communication skills and interpersonal versatility. Jeremy has the ability to develop a new idea from scratch, develop it into a strategic vision, and communicate that vision in a way that draws others to follow him with conviction. He then has the skills to marshall a team to execute the plan and see it through to completion.