João de Jesus Arcanjo

ASTEROID Medical Educator

My name is João de Jesus Arcanjo, and I am from Baucau Municipality. I graduated as General Medicine Doctor from School of Science of Medicine in Cuba (through UNTL) in 2012, and then worked for four years in a small Health Post near in Baucau District. In 2017 I decided to continue my studies ; Post-Graduate in Family Medicine Program then went back to work in the Health Post. When I was a child, I found life quite depressing, because economically we were dependent on the production of tua mutin (local homemade alcohol). But my father motivated me always, even though we were poor, he worked hard to ensure I could go to school. I think because of this, it really motivated me to always be diligent and study hard. I always dreamt that I would become a successful person so that I could improve the life of my family. When I got the opportunity to get the scholarship at Cuba, I was surprised because I never thought that I could get a chance like this, and especially studying in Medicine. I feel glad and very grateful because this opportunity is a gift from God for me. I am proud to be Medical Educator in TIKMI training for ASTEROID team, as I can share my knowledge with fellow healthcare workers in every Community Health Centre across the country. I am proud because I am able to learn new knowledge and experience, getting to know more people either the Timorese people or foreigners at Maluk Timor, work together and getting to know international and national specialist Doctors. We work closely with staff from Ministry of Health and National Institute of Health, also getting to know Healthcare Workers from the municipalities is really rewarding. Since working at MT, I feel my attitude has changed and I have a greater confidence and skills in teaching. I have learnt other things too that are not related to clinical knowledge such as management, leadership, and administration, all useful skills. My family were so happy when they heard that I was accepted in MT as Medical, because even I was considered as permanent public employee when I worked in the Health Post, I had an opportunity to work in an organization where I can work with qualified and experienced individuals.