Josefina Novia de Carvalho

TB Healthcare Worker (Maliana)

My name is Novy, I am a Nurse who works with Maluk Timor in the position of TB Healthcare Worker at the Maliana Referral Hospital. I work in Traige with the objective of detecting patients with TB disease and reducing TB transmission to other patients under the Risk Team. I feel very proud of the new Program we have created, and that we can strengthen the health care system in my country. I like that at Maluk Timor, I have been able to build on my own personal capacity and I have learnt so much. My family is very supportive of the work I am doing and were really happy when I started with MT. As a good health professional, I am ready to do whatever I can. PS I have a mask on in my photo as I am standing in front of the Triage tent at Maliana Referral Hospital.