Leopoldina (Dina) Maria Joana Freitas

TB Healthcare Worker

What motivates me to work as a Healthcare Worker in TB program? I like to encourage the patient and their family to increase their personal health qualities and increase their knowledge in order to treat and prevent themselves from TB. Some people who are suffering from TB just stay at home; they don’t want to go and do the treatment at the health centre. When the TB team visit patients in their homes, we do screening, socialization and advocacy about TB; it changes their mindset and they start to open up to us and talk about their illness and their desire of having the treatment. This makes me proud and happy, and makes me want to contribute even more to the TB program. What surprised you about MT when you first started working here? When I start working on MT, I was very happy because in MT, it is flexible and no pressure All the staff at MT are treated equally and with respect – starting from the oldest until the youngest staff; we always help and support each other when facing difficulties; we all work together to achieve our goals.