Maria Lucia da Silva

Women's Health and Social Care Deputy Program Manager

I first started working in Maluk Timor in 2017, but then had the opportunity to study in Idaho in the USA. I returned to MT in 2019 to work with the Women’s Health and Social Care (WHSC) Team. Since joining MT, I have learnt many things in terms of leadership; leading projects, networking, involvement in different type of training, and chances to attend workshops offer by the NGO. I realised, that with these opportunities, it has equipped me be a good leader with a disciplined mind. Being a younger generation of Timor-Leste, I don’t think I had a sensible attitude of what I thought should be my future; I had set specific boundaries for myself. I would think that at a specific age “I should finish learning these particular things”. Being at Maluk Timor has changed my entire perspective. It has helped show me that I was putting limitations on what I could learn and I was crippling myself from growing… What is the most challenging part about the work we do? We deal with many complex issues and situations. Working with partners and stakeholders can sometimes really challenge us in getting everything we need to be done and when it should be done. Yet, those situations demand us to be really flexible and use creative thinking to find the solutions we need to be affective within the constraints. I am proud of the work we are doing with the WHSC as we are strengthening the community through sharing health information, and with this, we are integrating people into their community with the new knowledge we have conveyed..