Mariano de Jesus Pereira

ASTEROID Project Manager

My name is Mariano and I joined with Maluk Timor in Feb 2020 as ASTEROID Project Manager. We are 11 staff in total for this project and have a diverse staff with different experiences and knowledge, which has enabled the Project to work in an inclusive and effective ways. Working collaboratively & helping each other out as a team is our pride in this project. Apart from this, I was impressed on my first day at Maluk Timor where I saw that lunch was provided in office where all staff can enjoy their meals while talking & sharing. That’s amazing. In addition, working with Maluk Timor as ASTEROID Project Manager has enabled me to establish positive relationships and expand my networking with the MoH, INS & local specialists at HNGV. Although Maluk Timor is a fantastic organization to work with since the staff are friendly and easy to work with, it is just one of the newer organizations in the country where most of the things are just starting. For instance, internal policies (i.e. procurement policy, vehicle SOPs, etc.) are just developing where programs have been started. I love to work with Maluk Timor since I am passionate about helping the vulnerable people. Poor access to good health care services has become a common thing in country in the last two decades. Hence, working towards the health strengthening is one of my callings in life.