Nathalie Gramer

Women's Health and Social Care (WHSC) Mentor

My deep passion as a social worker and feminist is to work towards an egalitarian society in a global context. This passion brought me not only to the Dominican Republic and Mexico, but also to Timor-Leste. I worked with youth groups, migrants, and people on the move from all genders to shift the power imbalance a step closer to an equal power distribution between men, women, and people with other gender identities. Although Timor-Leste gained independence after a joint struggle, where women and men fought side by side for freedom and peace, today women face multiple inequalities, including lack of access to resources and opportunities, and basic human rights. Not only the high numbers of domestic violence, but also the limited access to maternal health, reproductive health and health education create higher risk factors for a healthy life for women in Timor-Leste. Side by side with my amazing Timorese team at MT, we are working to tackle these issues by supporting women to gain access to health education, improved primary and prevention treatment and ongoing support through linking them with other existing services