Octavia do Rosario Gusmão dos Santos

TB Healthcare Worker

What excites you about working for a better healthcare system? I am very excited to help and working to improve the health care system because I think my background and experience is suited with this type of work and hoping that I could contribute more for the improvement of the healthcare system in Timor. What surprised you about MT when you first started working here? I was surprised with an environment of Maluk Timor, which very friendly for me, especially as this my first experience of working for an NGO like MT, and I am very happy to be part of the Maluk Timor’s family. What made you decide to join MT? I decided to join Maluk Timor because it is an NGO that supports the health sector in Timor and is very well known. In MT, we work with flexibility and less pressure and we always support one another to achieve Maluk Timor’s mission and vision.