Octaviana Nunes Tavares

Malnutrition Healthcare Worker

What have you learned/discovered about yourself after working in MT? Since beginning work at Maluk Timor, I discovered that I had valuable technical knowledge that needed to be shared with other people. Due to my lack of self-confidence I was afraid to do so, but fortunately I have a team that consistently supports me in sharing all my knowledge related to malnutrition. In addition, I discovered that having better teamwork makes us feel better able to handle our projects and achieve our program goals. What are you most proud of in your team? What makes me proud of our team is that even though our is small (three of us), we handle this program with excellent teamwork, consistently supporting each other in both good and difficult times. We manage to overcome every obstacle as a team. I’m also proud to have such a friendly team leader who brings strong leadership in managing us.