Olegário Pedro da Silva Alves

IT Officer

My name is Olegário Pedro da Silva Alves. I started working for Maluk Timor in May 2022, as the IT Officer. I work in Department of Maluk Timor Support (MT Support), which is a very important role. As an IT officer, you have to ensure that all the equipment like computers, printers, laptops, and internet has to be working properly so that all the staff can do their work. So far, I could say that the most challenging part about working in IT at Maluk Timor is the internet, but what I really mean, is that it is most likely a major problem in all of Timor-Leste, not just in Maluk Timor. Here, in Maluk Timor, I have learnt a lot about how to work as a team, as well as communicating regularly in English, which is helping me improve my English. As we all know, the health system in Timor-Leste has improved over the last decade, but there is still so much to do. What excites me the most is the vision and mission of Maluk Timor. I especially love that we are fighting preventable diseases, as well as building on the capacity of medical professional by providing training, technology, materials and mentorship in order to advance a quality healthcare in Timor-Leste. What surprised me on my first day working in Maluk Timor, is how very generous and kind all the staff are. I feel very welcome here. I received a lot of positive reactions from my family when I got this job, especially from my mum When I was little, she really wanted me to become a doctor, so that when she grew older and sick, I could help her. However, as I grew up I found out that I could not deal with blood and other medical things, so I switched my field to information and technology. When she found out that I was part of an organization that supports advancing quality healthcare in Timor-Leste, she said “ I told you, one day you will work with doctors, even though you’re not a doctor”.