Tarcisia Rosa B da Silva

Medical Educator - ASTEROID

My name is Tarcisia Rosa, and in the office they usually call me Tithy or Dra. Tithy. I’m a doctor, currently working in MT as Medical Educator under ASTEROID program. I begin working at Maluk Timor in March 2020, where I was responsible for supporting the COVID team performing the triage at every Community Health Centre (CHC) in Dili Municipality. We also gave training and education about COVID for people with and without symptoms. In February 2021, I joined the ASTEROID team, to focus on running the Infectious Disease trainings for my fellow doctor friends in all 13 municipalities in Timor-Leste. I am very glad to get this opportunity, where I am able to empower my friends from the municipality, to increase their knowledge, ability and capacity regarding to management, diagnosis and the treatment toward the infectious diseases. I believe this is what they most need, especially for those who work in Health Centres and Health Posts. I have learned many things with the ASTEROID team, starting from how to facilitate and train to how to execute some tasks that are unrelated to my area. I am always enthusiastic and willing to learn. I am happy to do anything that is needed – for example helping the team to do monitoring and evaluation, data entry, writing letters, etc. I am extremely grateful to be surrounded by kind people in my team; they are humble, delighted to help each other and I love working with them. We are always happy together, even when we have so many jobs to complete. I know our friendships strong even after the project ended.