Viny Micella Valente

Chief Financial Officer

What are you most proud of in your programme/team? I am proud to be part of an agile and adaptive team supporting Associacao Maluk Timor’s nine programs. Each program team requires unique finance-related assistance, and our finance team has developed strong organizational, problem-solving, and coordination skills to respond to each team’s needs. It always brings us pride when we’re able to use our financial management and other skills to contribute to the successful delivery of our projects. What is the most challenging part about working at MT/in healthcare systems strengthening? We work with partners. At times of uncertainty, such as this one, our program teams must be ready at any time to provide the assistance our partners require. This means that we – the Finance Team – must be able to find ways to equip and support our program teams whenever needed. We do not see this as a challenge, but as an opportunity to fine-tune our problem-solving and adaptability skills.