Zelia Gusmão da Costa

Junior Healthcare Worker (TB)

Hi – I’m Zelia and I am a Junior Health Care Worker with Maluk Timor based at the National Hospital (HNGV) in Dili. I just started working at Maluk Timor this year, but I have already seen some significant changes. I feel that my communication and approach has become more effective and safe when attending TB patients. I was surprised when I received the call from Maluk Timor letting me know I was selected for a Junior Healthcare Worker position. I was applying for the same position but based in Maliana Municipality, but MT decided they would rather that I work at the National Hospital, which is pretty exciting! I was impressed from the first day when the HR Manager introduced me to all the staff. I had a chance to accompany the TB team in their daily work within the community – screening the patients in their house. My family was delighted when they heard that I passed the interview, even though I only graduated recently, and it makes them feel proud of me. My husband is really supportive – while I am still finding my confidence, he reminds me that MT employed me because of my capacity and knowledge that is needed for the work. I want to continue work on improving myself to help Maluk Timor and the community. I love meeting with the TB patients, working with doctors and nurses in HNGV, and working in different environments. Even though the workload is a bit heavy at times, there is a level of flexibility, I am profoundly grateful for the trust.