Give a Gift in Kind

Suggested Donation: $50.00

Give a gift in kind to help build a strong, robust health care system in Timor-Leste.

A little bit can go a VERY long way, see some of the ways in which your gift in kind will be used.


Minimum Donation: $10.00



How your gift this holiday season can help

Rheumatic Heart Disease $200 Facilitates 30 school children being screened for rheumatic heart disease (by echocardiography) Finds one new case of rheumatic heart disease, allowing life-saving treatment to be commenced.
$50 Enables 10 children with rheumatic heart disease to receive their monthly penicillin treatment dose Prevents progression of rheumatic heart disease, and allows them to live long and healthy lives
Tuberculosis $80 Pays for a health worker to screen 3 households for tuberculosis Finding and treating one new case of tuberculosis, hopefully before the disease can spread further
$25 Pays for a health worker to find 1 child under five at risk of TB infection The child is given 6 months of preventative medication to protect them from TB
HIV $50 Trains 2 doctors in HIV detection This enables early detection of HIV, and effective treatment (a normal healthy life, and no risk of transmission)
Malnutrition $20 50 children are screened for malnutrition in outpatient clinics Finds 9 children with moderate or severe malnutrition, who can then be offered nutritional support and family education.
$50 2 home visits to families with malnourished children Providing nutrition education and addressing the real underlying problems
Medical Training $15 Provides a Paediatric Dosing booklet to 1 Timorese doctor Equips one Timorese doctor for safe medication dosing for children
$150 Buys a Doctor’s Backpack for 1 Timorese doctor Provides essential medical equipment for doctors practising in remote areas
Nurse & Midwife Training $80 Buys 1 pulse oximeter (and batteries) Enabling Timorese nurses to identify patients with low oxygen levels (early recognition of life-threatening conditions like pneumonia, TB, congenital heart disease)
$40 Trains 1 midwife in safe management of an obstetric emergency Such as post-partum haemorrhage – potentially saving a life
Oral Health $35 1 classroom of children are educated about toothbrushing and dental health Preventing decay and gum disease, which affects whole body health
$25 Provides local anaesthetic for 6 patients to have dental procedures Painless procedures are humane and promote greater attendance at dental clinics
Laboratory & Disease Surveillance $30 Enables a Timorese nurse educator to train and supervise 3 nurses in the detection and treatment of key infectious diseases. Tuberculosis, dengue, influenza, measles and malaria are among the conditions being targeted.
$40 Enables 1 medical scientist to receive training on isolating infectious pathogens in the laboratory. Accurate laboratory diagnosis means diseases can be targeted and treated effectively.
Women’s Health Social Care $20 Provides 1 birth pack which can be used for clean and safe delivery of a newborn These are used in facility births, and when needed in home births, in distant villages with limited access to health services
$30 Enables a crisis care worker to provide immediate support to 1 woman who has suffered sexual assault or domestic violence This facilitates quality care and safety for vulnerable women.


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