Proud Dr Eleanor – our HIV mentor

Ano waves a smiling young man out of the door.  “Pasiente numeru 97, doutora!” he tells me, with a big grin. Here in our HIV clinic in Dili, Ano is our chief counsellor and phlebotomist combined.  He is jubilant, since this patient was diagnosed with HIV some years previously, but had become ‘lost to follow […]

Volunteer Dr Lauren’s in country story

Dr Lauren Chalmers, Maluk Timor TB Program Mentor, Dili, East Timor As I was in a doctors’ mess back in 2012, someone told me that the LSTM Diploma of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene was the best 3 months of their life. I pondered how this could be. It only took a few days in Liverpool in 2013 […]