TB Program

Working together to EndTB through identification and education

Using technology and training to reduce the spread of infectious diseases

What are we doing?

Deliver training in community healthcare centres

Our Family Medicine Training Program, is a recognised a Postgraduate Diploma in Family Medicine. 

In collaboration with the RACS we trains doctors in community health care centres to become the “role model clinicians” of the future.

In this program we focus on improving skills in professionalism, technical knowledge, consultation, self-development, leadership and quality improvement.

So far we have:

Delivered training to 120 local healthcare professionals

Using HAROMAN mobile app to enhance information accessibility

Supporting nurses, doctors and other health care professionals  by doing what? What are we training them in, I need more information. Need examples of what this might actually mean.

So far we have:

More than 90% of training participants use the app

Providing equipment, consumables and facilities improvement

We are working closely with the faculty of the national hospital, Hospital Nasional Guido Valdarres,  to develop thse professionals as Timor’s clinical educators of the future. 

So far we have:

Given $2500 worth of stethescopes

Who we work with on this program?

Timor-Leste Ministry of Health

The TB team


Octoviano Nono

TB Junior Healthcare Worker (Oeccusse)
TB Junior Healthcare Worker (Oeccusse)
DSC_6327 (2)

Bonifacio da C. Barreto

TB Programme Manager
Young people in my country want to contribute to the development of Timor-Leste, and one way is by improving our healthcare system.

Rofina I. G. dos Santos

TB Household Tracing Coordinator (Dili)
TB Household Tracing Coordinator (Dili)

How your donation helps

A little goes a long way to improving health in Timor-Leste
Doctors Bag*


A good doctors bag is essential, and this is all it takes to provide one to our graduate doctors

Intensive association workshops


over 12 months

This covers training a future “role model doctor” through the Family Training Program

Doctor Training

$94 /m

over 12 months

This covers training a future “role model doctor” through the Family Training Program