Silabhakta Livirya

TB and HIV Mentor
I am motivated by seeing a world where your health and ability to strive is not dictated by where you were born.

Zelia Gusmão da Costa

Junior Healthcare Worker (TB)
I feel that my communication and approach has become more effective and safe when attending TB patients.

Octavia do Rosario Gusmão dos Santos

TB Healthcare Worker
I am hoping that I could contribute more for the improvement of the healthcare system in Timor.

Leopoldina (Dina) Maria Joana Freitas

TB Healthcare Worker
I’m so proud and happy that I can contribute and create change for TB patients.

Belmerio Jeronimo

TB Programme Manager
At MT I have the opportunity for more challenges, more opportunities to learn new things!

Octaviano Nono

TB Junior Healthcare Worker (Oecusse)
I’m honoured to work with our program because we share our knowledge to the community, so that they can understand more about TB.