Nutrition program

Supporting and upskilling nutrition specialists

One in five children in Timor-Leste are stunted by malnutrition

Through education and support, Timor-Leste has done amazing work in halving the child malnutrition rate in the last 20 years.

However one in five children presenting to Timor’s community health centres still have moderate to severe malnutritionMalnutrition is a hidden emergency that affects too many children with education on the importance of a diverse diet the highest priority.


What are we doing?

Upskilling nutrition specialists

We host monthly nutrition networking events that allow upskilling and peer learning of nutrition workers. 

One of the key challenges when it comes to nutrition in Timor-Leste is finding culturally appropriate ways of nutrition education. 

By facilitating these evenings we enable nutrition specialists to share the most effective strategies for combatting malnutrition.

In 2021 alone we have:

Delivered training to 27 doctors/nutrition specialists

Strengthening the malnutrition referral system

We identified that severe cases of malnutrition that were sent to hospital weren’t always getting the ongoing treatment needed.

We worked with the Ministry of Health to review and revamp the referral and follow up system to ensure that no child fell through the cracks.

This allows more children to achieve a complete recovery from this entirely preventable health condition.

In 2021 alone we have:

Supported 48 severely malnourished children

Supporting continuing improvement

We are working currently conducting operation research of the malnutrition services at Comoro Community Healthcare Centre to identify any operational improvements.

Although great strides have been made, Timor-Leste only has a small budget for its malnutrition program. 

We are always striving for better and more efficient ways of delivering the highest level of care in the most efficient way. 


So far we have begun:

Analyzing data collected through our operational research

Latest Nutrition News

ASTEROID project

Sitting down with Dr Jeremy

Last month, Maluk Timor was lucky to have a visit from some of the Australian Board and some volunteers to our office in Dili.  Dr

Who we work with on this program?

Timor-Leste Ministry of Health
Little Lives
Nick Francourt - Paediatrician & Health Systems Epidemiologist

The nutrition team


Sanjay Mathew

Grant and Monitoring and Evaluation Manager
I work with oral health, nutrition and operations at MT. The words that I would like to use to describe the work I do are brave, intense, significant, exciting and ridiculous.

How your donation helps

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