Our Donors and Supporters

Thank you for fighting preventable disease

243 donors gave Maluk Timor more than $700,000 in 2020 💕

We couldn’t be where we are today without the passionate support of hundreds of donors, funding partners, implementation partners and an ever growing family of experienced health professionals.

Maluk means family in Tetun, and we welcome all our donors and supporters into into our Maluk!

Who supports our fight against preventable disease?

In addition to our amazing donors, our key partners and corporate supporters also make our work possible.

Funding Partners

Implementation Partners

Corporate Supporters

Where we get and spend your money?

We have two registered non-profit organisations under the one Maluk Timor. 

Our income and expenses for Jan- Dec 2021 are below.

Associacao Maluk Timor (AMT) is registered in Timor Leste and aims to empower the Timorese to build a strong primary health care system that can tackle Timor Leste’s greatest health challenges in an effective and sustainable way. We work and report in USD.

Maluk Timor Australia (MTA)  is a registered Australian charity and it fundraises for, and provides governance, policies and other support to Associacao Maluk Timor. We work and report in AUD.

Maluk Timor Australia

Income Sources 2021
AU$ 1.507m*

Expenditure 2021
AU$ 1.578m*

*Unaudited and rounded to nearest thousand at time of publication

Maluk Timor - Timor-Leste (Associação Maluk Timor)

*Audited and rounded to nearest thousand at time of publication

Income Sources 2021
US$ 1.230m*

Expenditure 2021
US$ 1.230m