Sanjay Mathew

Technical Consultant

What are you most proud of in your programme/team? All members of my teams are fully committed to doing the best they can. I am proud of the weight they carry on their shoulders; the respect they have for the communities they work with and the passion that drives this organization and they work we do. What is the most challenging part about working at MT/in healthcare systems strengthening? Understanding complexities within health systems and implementing a holistic participatory approach that meets the needs of the communities that it intends to serve. What have you learned/discovered about yourself after working in MT? I have learnt a new language and cultural underpinnings of the society I live in. What excites you about working for a better healthcare system? Having the ability to learn and try new approaches every day, and build tools that are beneficial to the healthcare system. What surprised you about MT when you first started working here? The way MT has managed to bring people from different strata of life and combine various talents together ensuring that everyone feels as though they are part of a larger family working towards shared goals. Moreover, the sheer joy on people’s faces and the work culture that is prevalent. What do your loved ones think about your job at MT? My family and friends are pleased with the work I’ve committed to undertake. They appreciate the sacrifices that I’ve made in life to be over here and pray that it gives me the satisfaction that I seek. What made you decide to join MT? I was seeking to transition from working on an individual level (case-by-case basis) to working with communities and more broadly the health system. I felt that there needs to be more work done in the way we view healthcare across low/middle income countries (LMIC’s). Additionally, I had the desire to travel and wanted new experiences that would break the misconceptions of Timor-Leste handed over to me by individuals with a single sided story.