The HIV program is also still in a development phase.

Led by our HIV Doctor, Dr Tony Elias, we’ve been working closely with the Ministry of Health and National HIV Program to plan the development of a new HIV centre. Our history in HIV care is very strong, and our expertise as an organisation is both respected and highly sought-after in this field. We look forward to launching this new centre in 2018, providing non-judgemental care to a fearful and stigmatised patient group in need of much support.

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Drawing on international consultants as well as a locally-based team, we will continue to set the standard for HIV care in Timor-Leste, with a strong focus on training Timorese clinical staff and counsellors to take this work forward. We’ve also been offered an opportunity to provide mentoring and support to HIV centres outside of Dili, where clinical expertise is very thin, and the support systems for HIV patients very underdeveloped. We see an opportunity for revitalising the way HIV patients are cared for, ensuring they live healthy and productive lives, as well as helping prevent the spread of the disease.

Australian ID specialist training the local Doctors

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