The Medical Training program has continued uninterrupted, and continues to raise the standards for Family Medicine training in Timor-Leste.

Dr Bethany runs the program

In the distant communities of this nation, every doctor needs to practice like a true family physician: able to deal with whatever walks (or is carried in) through the door. It’s one of the toughest jobs in Medicine, and the skills required are many and varied.

Most new trainee Doctors are over 30 years of age


Sucking up the knowledge

These are the clinicians on the coalface, saving lives and helping build the health of a community, yet most Timorese doctors receive only a fraction of the necessary training to handle such a task. Our team of medical educators, led by Dr Bethany Nelson, works with the Royal Australian College of Surgeons to deliver quality Family Medicine training in Timor Leste, helping to prepare a generation of doctors to face the country’s enormous health challenges.

Dr Ela (apricot) in her medical outpost/home


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