Webinar for Donors with CEO, Dr Jeremy and Board Chair, Julie Hamblin

The Maluk Timor team are eager to keep all our supporters informed about the proactive and life saving work that we are doing in Timor Leste during the COVID19 pandemic. This is work that YOU have helped to enable through your support of Maluk Timor. As we all grapple with the social and economic impacts […]

Our wonderful leader – Rofina – fights against TB

Let me introduce you to Rofina dos Santos, a formidable force within Tuberculosis (TB) in Timor-Leste, and the person we are fortunate enough to call Maluk Timor’s TB Program Team Leader. Rofina has been working in TB for a whopping 12 years, and considering she is still young herself, that is a large percentage of […]

Our TB programme & how you can help

Tuberculosis (TB) is a huge problem in Timor-Leste. Second to North Korea, it has the second highest TB rates per population in South-East Asia, and the seventh highest in the world. People die every day of this curable infectious disease. Families suffer prolonged sickness from TB, meaning they can’t work and earn money to feed […]