Flaviana da Silva

Oral Health Coordinator

In my previous job, I was not confident enough to lead people and make essential decisions for our organization. After working at Maluk Timor, I realized that I was able to lead a team, make decisions, and plan activities for our Oral Health program, which has been crucial for my professional career, particularly in public health. Our team is great, we have many innovative ideas and many experiences that we share amongst each other. I have really enjoyed understanding and learning more about strengthening the Timor-Leste Health system. In addition, Maluk Timor gives us opportunities to develop our capacity with in-house training through the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Programme including English, Tetun, and more, and the CPD for health workers as well. One of the greatest challenges I have faced since working here was the COVID-19 pandemic become the most daunting challenge that stopped our team to implementing our activities. When my family learned I was working at Maluk Timor, they were delighted and extremely supportive, as this is my chance to contribute towards improving the healthcare sector in Timor-Leste. What surprised me when I first started at Maluk Timor – is we can buy cheap and a nutritious lunch cooked freshly at the office.