Leão Martins Fernandes de Carvalho

Communications Officer

What excites you about working for a better healthcare system? The underlying reason that makes me excited about working for a better healthcare system is: I hope that in the future all Timorese people can have access to a better and excellent quality of healthcare in which they feel safe and can rely on. I also believed that having an access to a more adequate healthcare system could save the lives of thousands of Timorese from the preventable diseases. Besides that having a more adequate healthcare system has an enormous impact on people’s lives, those people saved, can enjoy a joyful life and spend more time with their loved ones. What made you decide to join MT? Because I want to take part in Maluk Timor’s team to be in work for improving the healthcare system in our country. I have always wanted to work in an organization that its staff is predominantly youth like in Maluk Timor. Maluk Timor has provided me a job opportunity that matches my work experience and passion.