Elda Soares Claver

Deputy Chief Financial Officer

What are you most proud of in your team? I recently started working at Maluk Timor and I love how supportive the Finance team are with each other. What have you learned about yourself after working in MT? I realized that there are many new things to learn personally especially in the finance area. I have to learn new systems different programs, and of course being in a new workplace with different ways that I am used to working. But it really motivates me and I’m quickly adapting and feel I am contributing to the finance team. What surprised you about MT when you first started working here? It’s funny, on my very first day when I was looking everywhere for bottled water or a water dispenser – and I I was told that we actually can drink directly from tap as MT has inbuilt water filters – Wow – this is not common in Timor-Leste. What do your loved ones think about your job at MT? My family are always very supportive towards any decisions – I am lucky and I am very grateful of this. What made you decide to join MT? The Job description was quite challenging for me, which is why I decided to apply – and fortunately got in 