Maria (Zytha) Filomena de Sousa

ASTEROID Video Production Officer

Hi, my friends call me Zytha. With the rapid development of technology globally and particularly in my beloved “new” country of Timor-Leste, it inspired me to increase my knowledge in Information Technology to study a Bachelor Degree at Institute Of Business in Dili. I believe that in order to contribute to the development of our country, it is especially important to have a strong understanding and skills in Information and Communication and Technology. I successfully participated in Jenesys 2.0 Film Festival in Japan, and I also joined a film making workshop presented by Indonesian and Australian producers. I was involved in film competition that was organised by SEKOMS – “Content Creator for YouTube”. That is how I ended up working with MT in the ASTEROID program as Video Production Officer. When I first came to MT, I was surprised that all the staff were mostly youth, friendly and disciplined. I am proud to be working with the ASTEROID Team – we work very hard and we really respect each other which is so important in the workplace. I think we have all have learnt how to communicate better which helps us work well collaboratively. I am happy that I can use my passion and skills as a videographer to be able to help improving the health sector.