Sitting down with Dr Jeremy

Last month, Maluk Timor was lucky to have a visit from some of the Australian Board and some volunteers to our office in Dili.  Dr Jeremy Beckett, the previous CEO and current Chair of the Medical Advisory Committee for Maluk Timor, was part of this group. We had a chance to sit down to talk […]

PSF – Ears, Eyes and Voice of the Community

PSFs (Promotor Saúde Familiar/Family Health Promoter) are volunteer Community Health Workers in Timor-Leste. They deliver health promotion, refer sick community members to healthcare facilities, and support national health program implementation. They address preventable causes of disease, through educating their community on healthy behaviours. They sometimes make the crucial link between their community and the national […]

Helping equip Timorese women with knowledge for a healthier pregnancy

This year, Maluk Timor equipped 10 community birth attendants (CBAs) with partus wheels for use in their rural communities. We are excited to train another 10 and distribute the remaining wheels when travel conditions allow. A partus wheel is a low-cost, manually-operated tool that helps anyone estimate when a pregnancy is due. With a little teaching, women can use this tool to […]